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The Coca-Cola Company

AHA Sparkling Water: "Fruets"

Our friends at Fitzco were looking to challenge the sparkling water world with a series of animated television commercials and online videos to support the launch campaign of AHA, Coca-Cola’s new line of sparkling elixirs that are just a touch different from the rest. 

Challenges + Solutions

Coca-Cola’s goal with these animations was to truly immerse viewers in the unexpected taste of AHA’s flavor pairings, so we set off to find abstract and exciting ways to convey the taste of the drink and bring our audience inside the world of these unique flavor “fruets.” Of course we started by getting our hands on the product to experience the curious concoctions for ourselves. Through punchy and purposeful 3D animations of the different ingredients, we echoed the essence of the sparkling beverage with bubbles aplenty. Adding unexpected and energetic twists and turns, we used these animations to expound upon Coca-Cola’s mission: to refresh the world.

We go big, we go bold.

Process Frames

A substantial amount of ideation and concepting goes into every unique project before it crosses the finish line. Here we’ll showcase some of the process that led us to the final result.

Thank You.

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