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Family Guy Fridays

When Freeform became an exclusive cable home to fan-favorite Family Guy, they accompanied the launch with a “Family Guy Fridays” stunt and asked MAMMAL to create a series of marketing promos along with a broadcast toolkit for their in-house teams.

Challenges + Solutions

Family Guy, which first aired in 1999, is a long-standing and instantly recognizable franchise. For its pioneer journey into Freeform, we needed to find a way to re-imagine the show’s iconic characters in a way that was fresh, and unique, but that would still be relatable to an existing fan base. We had to strike a balance between upholding the identity of the show, and abstracting the characters to create a totally new visual narrative that would work within the Freeform brand. After presenting four distinct creative approaches, Freeform decided to include all four in their rollout of “Family Guy Fridays.” For each of these promo spots, we created custom looks for the characters that would be representative of their personalities. Using clever VO samples and some slightly bizarre, physics-bending animation, we were able to create an unexpected and immersive experience straight out of Quahog. To round out the edits, we used existing footage from the show, creating a full, comprehensive storyline for each concept.

Haha what? This is nuts!

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