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Going Through It: Season 4

In Season 4 of Going Through It, Ashley C. Ford talks to 13 brilliant people about their decision to become a parent… or not. On the heels of last year’s brand identity refresh, Mailchimp returned to MAMMAL to work on this season’s digital marketing campaign. We were tasked with conceptualizing and art directing the show’s key art, designing the entirety of the campaign’s digital assets, and copywriting and creative direction for all social content across multiple platforms.

Challenges + Solutions

Heading into Season 4, Mailchimp needed to elevate the art direction from Season 3 and create cohesion with the marketing efforts of Pineapple Street Studios, the podcast production company behind Going Through It. Pineapple Street had already established a handmade collage look for their bonus content, but we would also need to update the color palette from last season to fit with this new style. While this season’s subject matter largely centers around parenthood, Mailchimp didn’t want to market the show as a parenting podcast. Keeping this in mind, we would need to keep our visuals centered around each specific guest and be very intentional with our copywriting and the quotes pulled for our social animations. At the heart of this season’s art direction is torn paper, collaged shapes, textures, and line work, which come together to create an abstract environment for type and photography. After exploring both non-branded and branded color palettes, we landed on a warm, sunset-inspired scheme from the Mailchimp palette to freshen up the look while staying on-brand. This look not only creates an enticing peek into the podcast’s content but also supports the overall creative direction and thoughtfully balances this season’s themes of mentorship and parenthood. The resulting podcast package uses guest-centric and type-driven animated motion graphics to promote the podcast’s weekly releases. Clever, platform-specific copy accompanies each episode’s social posts, strategically appealing to the podcast’s target audience across Mailchimp’s various social accounts.

"Instead of having a child, I had a complete nervous breakdown."

Thank You.

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