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Miracle Workers: Dark Ages

As part of a social media campaign for the launch of Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, tbs asked MAMMAL to produce a series of illustrated animations that would accompany their interview footage of Daniel Radcliffe. In these spots, Radcliffe walks the audience through some very *interesting* facts and folklore from the Dark Ages. 

Challenges + Solutions

Our first objective was making sure that our illustration style felt seamless when combined with the existing interview footage. We needed the art direction to be reflective of the time period, and the animation had to convey an edgy, storybook vibe, rather than being modern and fluid. Due to the dark nature of the storylines, we also wanted to create subtle bits of comedy throughout each spot. Not only were we able to create some super visceral visuals for this campaign, but we also injected loads of humor into the animation. We followed each storyline at its core, but then took it a step further by embellishing the actions and expanding into the realm of fantasy with the visuals. The final result is a series of cohesive, off-the-cuff animations that bring Radcliffe’s storytelling, and the history of the Dark Ages, to life.

If any leafy green contained demons, it would almost certainly be kale.

Thank You.

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